Mayor Harry LaRosiliere

Harry LaRosiliere (La Ross eh lee air) was elected as the 39th Mayor of the City of Plano in May 2013. 

Mayor Harry LaRosiliere was elected Mayor of Plano in 2013. He was sworn in as Plano’s 39th Mayor and is the first African American to be elected to this office. In May of 2017, he was sworn in for a second term. Prior to this he proudly served his community for six years as a two-term City Council Member.

Mayor LaRosiliere’s primary focus is fostering an environment which brings economic prosperity to all. The Mayor believes robust economic development activity creates an upward cycle of prosperity. In a few short years Plano has emerged as a regional employment destination. The Mayor advocates through a strong local economy the City will have the resources to deliver quality services, revitalize neighborhoods and invest in our thoroughfares. Some of the successes during his tenure include major corporate relocations such as: Toyota, FedEx Office, Liberty Mutual Insurance, JP Morgan Chase and Co., and Boeing to name a few.

Mayor LaRosiliere is active in the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) where he serves as Chair on the prominent Transportation and Communications Committee. Mayor LaRosiliere’s leadership in the USCM provides Plano a voice in national conversations through this bipartisan organization.

In addition to economic development, Mayor LaRosiliere is equally passionate about fostering a sense of community. He views a crucial role of being a Mayor is to inspire our citizens, especially our youth, to believe they live in the best city in the nation and encourage them to give back to their community through service. This is reflected through two community initiatives he helped launch. The Nourishing Hope Program affirms to our food insecure elementary students and their families that they will be provided access to nutritious food when needed throughout the year. The Plano Mayor’s Summer Internship Program offers senior high students real-world workplace experience through an eight week paid internship. This program equips our youth with valuable skills not offered to them in high school and builds a bridge for the future workforce to come back to Plano.

Harry LaRosiliere was born in Haiti and moved to New York with his family when he was three years old. Although he became a U.S. citizen at age 18 he often states, “Obtaining the naturalization papers was a formality. I was already an American in my heart, mind and soul and believed that I could accomplish anything I chose to do and the only boundaries that existed were the ones I built. That is what being an American means and that was already instilled in me.


In 1985, he graduated from City College of New York with a degree in geology. He decided to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions while running a successful photography studio for eight years. In 1994 he came to Plano to join his future wife and immediately became involved in community service. He volunteered with various non-profit groups followed by service on a variety of City boards and commissions before he became a City Council Member.

Mayor LaRosiliere is a financial advisor with a global wealth management firm. He often says, “My life is a three legged stool with family, work and public service which rests on my faith.” He lives a life of passion so he can contribute the most he can. With all of his accomplishments, he is most proud of his family. He especially enjoys spending time with his wife Tracy, and their two daughters, Brianna and Maya.